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LevelEditor interface
LevelEditor interface
  1. Main view window.
  2. Main Toolbar.
  3. Log window.
  4. Technical information.
  5. Main Bar.
  6. Status Bar.

Any manipulation with camera can be done while pressing key Shift, moving mouse with pressed left(LMB), right (RMB) or both keys (LMB+RMB).
Changeover modes of camera perform with help of keys in Main Bar menu.


p Normal mode.
  • Shift+LMB - camera movement within ZX plane.
  • Shift+RMB - camera movement along Y axis.
  • Shift+LMB+RMB - camera rotation about its own axis.
a Mode viewing object.
  • Shift+LMB - camera movement around object.
  • Shift+RMB - camera zoom in/out
  • Shift+LMB+RMB - camera zoom in/out
f Walking mode(To move on collision need to hold on Control with Shift(Ctrl+Shift)).
  • Shift+LMB - movement ahead with camera turn.
  • Shift+RMB - backward camera turn
  • Shift+LMB+RMB - camera turn
f Front view
b Behind view.
l View from left.
r View from right
t View from above.
b View from below.
x Reset view.
undo Undo.
redo Redo.
select Select.
add Add new object.
move Move.
rotate Rotate.
scale Uniform scale.
X Object movement endwise x.
Y Object movement endwise y.
Z Object movement endwise z.
Z Object movement endwise zx.
Z Temporarily not working.
non-uniform scale Non-uniform scale.
Snap Snap object to net through creation or through Move + Ctrl + LMB.
Snap-object Snap object to object through creation or through Move + Ctrl + LMB.
Snap-move Snap object to object in Move mod.
Snap-normal Take into account normal during Snap object.
Snap-vertex Snap object to the top of object through creation or through Move + Ctrl + LMB.
Snap-A Discrete turn (while pressing Rotate).
Snap-Move Discrete movement (while pressing Move).
zoom Zoom Extent.
zoom-sel Zoom Extents Selected.

Object selection

Select the object be pressing left mouse button on them(LMB).

Also add or delete the object from selection by clicking mouse and pressing Control (Ctrl+LMB).

Object may be highlighted only in case when it's type corresponds the selected edit mode Chageover mod by choosing needed Edit Mode in main Toolbar.

Edit mode - object
Edit mode - object
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