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Map Compressor Description

In folder "C:\Program Files\X-Ray SDK\map_compressor" is map compessor located. It serves for compressing compilated information and textures in one db file which is comfortable for exchange with other users.

Contents of map_compressor folder
Contents of map_compressor folder

In folder for_levels compilated level and textures are located.

Contents of "map_compressor\for_levels" folder
Contents of "map_compressor\for_levels" folder

Folder names levels and textures can`t be changed. In catalogue textures intro directory is located which content, intro_map_pic_level_name.thm,, intro_level_name.thm.

In SDK initial files located which can become your intro files("C:\Program Files\X-Ray SDK\sources\intro_textures").

In folder levels compilated level located, for example, mp_test. in case if we use our own textures ( or add map into level, for example,, so we need to create corresponted catalogues into catalogue mp_test, as it shown below

Contents of folder "map_compressor\for_levels\levels\mp_test"
Contents of folder "map_compressor\for_levels\levels\mp_test"

and copy textures with thm files which are used on the level.

build_map.ltx is necessary to set up parameters of level compressor. Below you can see example of this file with description of its content

exclude_exts         = *.ncb,*.sln,*.vcproj,*.old,*.rc,*.scc,*.vssscc,*.bmp

levels\mp_test     = true				; path to your level from current folder

auto_load 	= false					; do not change !
level_name	= mp_test     				; level name
level_ver	= 1.0		               		; level version
entry_point	= $fs_root$\gamedata\			; do not change !
creator 	= "GSC Game World"    			; creator
link 		= ""
[include_folders] Folders which will be compressed
levels\mp_test Directory with level
[header] Level description
level_name Level name
level_ver Level version
creator Level creator
link Link where you can download created map

Map Compressor usage

To start map compressing , open file "C:\Program Files\X-Ray SDK\map_compressor\compress_map.cmd"

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