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Access to menu of scene parameters settings by Tools -> Proporties

Menu of scene parameters settings
Menu of scene parameters settings
Name Path to level file
Name prefix Prefix which is adding to new objects
Build options
Level path Level name
Custom data Additional service information
Quality Presets of level compilation quality
Hemisphere quality [0-3] Quality of Hemisphere lighting
Sun shadow quality [0-3] Sun shadow quality
Pixel per meter Lightmap pixel density
Error (LM collapsing) Lightmap damping
Error (LM zero) Lightmap zero
Jitter samples Jitter samples quantity
Normal smooth angle Automatic smoothing angle*
Weld distance Weld points distance
Map version Map version**
Game Type Game type in which level represented

* Automatic smoothing not used. Angle of smoothing set up manual,go to category Level geometry limits.
** Level version must Вcorrespond to stated version in [[Level packing# Map Compressor Usage].

List of presets to set up settings for level compilation quality is below:

Draft quality (indoor*, outdoor**)
Draft quality (indoor*, outdoor**)
Optimal quality(outdoor)
Optimal quality(outdoor)
Optimal quality(indoor)
Optimal quality(indoor)
Perfect quality (indoor, outdoor)
Perfect quality (indoor, outdoor)

* indoor - for example, level agroprom_underground
** outdoor - open locations (can contain indoor, for example, underground on level red_forest)

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