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A scene usually looks like this in the viewport:

It is fairly difficult to understand how it all looks under in-game lighting.

However, the SDK can work with lighting similar to the game's. First, remember to set a Light on the level. Then, choose the following in Options:

  • Light Scene (mandatory)
  • Render -> Shade Mode -> Gouraud (mandatory)
  • Render -> HW Render (recommended)
  • Render -> Linear Filter (recommended)
  • Render -> Textures (recommended)
  • Real Time (recommended)

Then, in Light properties, which could be called up by pressing Enter in the corresponding mode, choose Visible. Now, in order to properly see the lighting, we recommend that you choose an outdoor light and increase the time factor in in Weather -> Properties.

In the end, it should looks somewhat like this:

The picture is similar, in essence, to R1 (static lighting) without the lightmaps. Also, detail objects and wall marks are not illuminated.

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