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XRay material

After plagins setup the additional type of XRay materials appears
XRay material define characteristics of triangles which interpreted by compiler and engine subsequently
X-ray shader uses the setting that consists of three parts - Engine, Compiler, Material

  • XRay Engine Shader - displays texture on the game engine,
  • XRay Compiler Shader - used on level compilation,
  • XRay Game Material - Setup parametrs what happen when will be contact with surface on the game

XRay material must consist of color one of diffusive textures of drive t:\, for example, crete_beton_2. Level Editor analyze name color of texture, if you don`t have such texture than Level Editor display object by white color. In engine object with this texture is displayed not only with diffusion but with all attended textures. (detail, bump, normal etc). Connection setup of diffusive texture with attended textures you can do in Image Editor'е

Level Editor -> Images -> Image Editor 
Access to menuImage Editor
Access to menuImage Editor

XRay material attributes

X-ray shader in Maya
X-ray shader in Maya

XRay shaders

Shaders for static objects
default Main lightmap shader.
def_vertex Main vertex shader.
def_aref Transparency. alpha test - aref (without gradients).
def_trans Transparency. alpha test - trans (with gradients).
selflight Self-luminous material.
Shaders for dynamic objects
models/model Main shader.
models/antigas_glass Shader with CubeMap reflection - variant 1.
models/artefact Shader with CubeMap reflection - variant 2.
models/artefact2 Shader with CubeMap reflection - variant 3.
models/model_fur Transparency. alpha test - aref (without gradients).
models/lightplanes Self-luminous material with transparency and effect falloff.
models/model_aref Transparency. alpha test - trans (with gradients).
models/pautina Material with transparency and effect falloff.
models/selflight Main self-luminous material
models/selflightl Self-luminous material with lesser intensity.
models/transparent Transparency.
models/weapons Shader with CubeMap reflection - variant 4.
models/window Translucent shader with CubeMap reflection.
effects/water Pure water shader.
effects/waterstuden Bog shader.
effects/waterryaska Duckweed shader.
terrain/asfalt Terrain shader, asphalt.
terrain/grass Terrain shader, grass.
terrain/sand Terrain shader, ground.
default Main lightmap shader.
def_vertex Main vertex shader.
def_ghost Lightmap shader without collision.
def_kolizion_vertex Special shader of invisible geometry.
Game shaders for static objects
default Main material.
material/asphalt Asphalt material.
material/bricks Brickwork material.
material/bush Bush material.
material/cloth Cloth material.
material/concrete Concrete material.
material/death Character-killing material.
material/dirt Viscous mud material.
material/earth Ground material.
material/fake Invisible material confining character’s movement.
material/fake_ladders Invisible staircase plane.
material/flooring_tile Glazed tile material.
material/glass Glass material.
material/grass Grass material (used on terrain texture).
material/gravel Gravel material.
material/metal Massive, impenetrable metal material.
material/metall_pipe Metal pipe material.
material/metal_plate Sheet, penetrable metal.
material/sand Sand material.
material/setka_rabica Metal lath material.
material/shifer Slate and felt material.
material/stucco Plasterwork material.
material/tin Tin material.
material/tree_trunk Tree truck material.
material/water Water material.
material/wood Thick, wooden workpiece.
material/wooden_board Wooden board material.
Game shaders for dynamic objects
default_object Main material
objects/barrel Barrel material.
objects/bottle Small glass material.
objects/bullet Bullet material.
objects/car_cabine Cab material.
objects/car_wheel Tires material.
objects/clothes Cloth material.
objects/concrete_box Concrete material.
objects/dead_body Dead body material.
objects/fuel_can Fuel can material.
objects/glass Glass material
objects/knife Knife material.
objects/large_furnitura Wooden workpiece material.
objects/large_metal_trash Massive metal material.
objects/large_weapon Machine-guns material.
objects/metal_box Sheet metal material.
objects/monster_body Dead monsters material.
objects/small_box Small metal objects material.
objects/small_metal_trash Small metal junk material.
objects/small_weapon Pistols material.
objects/tin_can Tin material.
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