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This document is dedicated to help new users understand what's this web-site about. The information below is stated in brief, for further information you need to follow the corresponding links, indicated in the end of the logical blocks.



The administration of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MOD portal doesn't bear responsibility for any damage done to anyone by the information, published by the registered member(-s). The whole responsibility is undertaken by the member(-s) who published such information. The administration is ready and willing to make all efforts possible to prevent potential causing of damage.

To keep this resource clean and tidy, there are moderators who have the right to:

  • Delete ads.
  • Delete flooding (excessively high number of messages).
  • Delete/close irrelevant articles.
  • Delete/close threads, which contain attempts to settle relationships with the developers or other project members in a discourteous manner.
  • Delete TEXT IN CAPITAL LETTERS, illiterate texts, and texts that contain insults, foul language and abound with network slang.
  • Delete messages full of smiling icons.
  • Delete/close articles, which duplicate the existing ones.
  • Delete MODs and articles, published with the violation of copyrights.

Any commercial advertisement from a natural person or a legal entity will be deleted without informing the author.

Messages that are not directly connected with the topic discussed, that do not contain useful information, do not show the reasonable opinion of a member, that contain private questions addressed to a small group of members, and being interesting to them only, will be deleted at moderator's own discretion without informing the author. The limited private messages along with resolving the main question are allowed.

Messages/articles that touch upon the questions of cracking the games' protection, and/or any other way of violating the copyrights will be deleted without informing the author at moderator's or administrator's own discretion.

Messages/articles that are insulting the other members of the project, administrator, moderators or other authors of the portal will be deleted without informing the author at moderator's or administrator's own discretion.

Messages/articles that contain the foul language will be deleted without informing the author at moderator's or administrator's own discretion.

Articles duplicating the previously created ones may be deleted at moderator's or administrator's own discretion without informing the author. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it's strongly recommended to use Search before starting a new topic!

The disputes about what can be considered flooding and what cannot; discussions of articles that have been closed by the moderator or administrator; creating new articles similar to the closed ones; discussing the actions of moderators and administrator are unacceptable.

The administrator has a right to block the access of the members, who systematically break the above-listed rules. In case of the absence of the possibility for selective blocking of certain persons, the administrator can block the access for the sub-network or even the entire zone, the violator works in.

In the case of gross violations, the administrator has a right to apply to violator's Internet-provider, and take measures towards the violator via the provider.

Respect other members, even if their point of view completely differs from yours.

If someone is rude towards you, don't act likewise! Remember that your offensive response can also become the reason for punitive measures aimed against you by the portal's administration.

ATTENTION! In case GSC Game World implements any idea or suggestion , expressed by the members of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MOD portal in its software products, the company GSC Game World is not obliged to pay any royalties or other fees to the authors of such ideas, unless the company considers otherwise, and the author will be informed of such decision by any means of communication available.

ATTENTION! These rules can be changed or amended.

The possibilities of the project's member

Every visitor of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MOD portal can become its active participant after registering on the web-site, which automatically gives him the following possibilities:

  • read the official SDK help
  • read other people's articles
  • publish own articles
  • register a team
  • add own MOD
  • download and use other people's MODs without infringing the authors' copyrights
  • discuss MODs, helps, describe errors in MODs and SDK functioning


First follow the link "Log in" in the top right corner of the web-site. Next click on "Create account". You will have the Registration form open.

  • Member's name - Account name.
  • Password - A code word for authorization in the system.
  • Re-type password - Please re-type your password to confirm its correctness.
  • E-mail - E-mail helps the other members contact you without unveiling the address itself.
  • Your actual name - Your name will be used to show who was editing the page (instead of your account name).

The obligatory fields to fill out are Member's name and two fields for the passwords. The rest of the fields are optional, you can fill them out later after the authorization at "My settings".

How to register a team?

Please fill in the team blank and describe your team at this page. The application should look as below:


|contacts=how to contact you

==Brief team description==
<<Short information about the team>>


Copy this text to the clipboard and replace the fields between the brackets <<...>>. The image of the logo can be uploaded here (the file size must not exceed 50Kb, picture width - not more than 300 pixels).

Attention!We recommend to fill out the description of you MOD according to the following template for correct search and the accuracy of the information on your development displayed. The Brief team's description section will be shown in the developers' list and is obligatory for filling.

Attention! All fields with the exception of <<short_description>>, <<logo_filename>>, <<General data about the team>> must be filled in. If the application is filled out wrong, the registration will not be accepted.

General data - as the information about the team can change with time, we recommend to refresh it as the changes take place. The list of completed MODs and MODs in production is also shown here.

Team name - before assigning a name to the team, get acquainted with the list of the existing teams. In order to distinguish you team from the others, avoid similar names.

Team leader - team founder/leader. Only the team leader can register MOD or change the team description.

Team resume - a text box with the short description of peculiarities typical for this team; its concept and goals.

Team members - the list of users in the team, separated by comas.

Contacts - if the team has its own web-site, it's recommended to indicate it in the team's profile. At request you can leave your contacts, the other user can use to get in touch with you.


how to write how it looks
mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]



how to write how it looks
[mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]] [email protected]

URL - team home page.

Find more detailed information about managing a team here: To MOD makers teams.

How to register a MOD?

After the moderator registers your team, the team leader can create a MOD page as a usual article in the MOD names box. To do that, type the name of your mode in the search field Mod:<<name of your MOD>>. Create an article and fill out the MOD card template:

|version=<<MOD version>>
|download=<<link to download>>

==Brief MOD description==
<<The review of your development>>

==MODs list==
<<The list of MODs>>

<<Distinctive images of your MOD>>

Copy this text to the clipboard and replace the text in the fields between the brackets <<...>>.

Attention! We recommend to fill out the description of you MOD according to the following template for correct search and the accuracy of the information on your development displayed. Sections Brief MOD description, MODs list, Screenshots will be shown in the lists of MODs and are obligatory for filling.

After adding a MOD, the team leader can add the detailed MOD description and other helpful information to the MOD page. Only the team leader can update the MOD page; though any registered user can leave commentaries on the discussion page.

MOD name - Please choose unique names for your MODification. In case the MOD has the same name as the one created earlier, the former will be deleted.

MOD version - It's recommended to specify the version of the MODification. Because people are working on MODs continually, it's recommended to change the version of the MODification along with adding a new list of changes. For example, ver. 0.01 after adding changes to it will turn into ver. 0.02. If MODs author(-s) realize that they finished the work on the current MODification, it's necessary to specify that this version is final. For example "MOD Whatchamacallit - Final version".

MOD description - The brief description with one-two sentences, which explains the idea of the MODification. The detailed description can contain the full list of changes into the game, instructions and authors' comments.
The detailed description is added directly on the page.

Authorship - The reference to the user, who posted the MOD, link to the user's profile.
Attention! Any attempts to crib (the work of other MODs' authors) will be nipped in the bud. The consent of the authors is the necessary condition to use them in your own MODs. When using other people's MODs and their integral parts in creating new MODifications, the obligatory condition is to show the author's name.

Link to download - Active link to download the MOD.
Attention! The authors take the responsibility for updating the functional links, and for the availability of MODs along these links.

MODs list - you can itemize the features of your MOD in the following way:


how to write how it looks
* modification-1
* modification-2
* modification-...
* modification-n
  • modification-1
  • modification-2
  • modification-...
  • modification-n

Brief MOD description - the review of the development.

Screenshots - not more than two screenshots that characterize your development.

Image:Xr_screen_01_1024.jpg|S.T.A.L.K.E.R. screenshot commentary 01
Image:Xr_screen_02_1024.jpg|S.T.A.L.K.E.R. screenshot commentary 02

Optionally, you can add any number of sections and sub-sections on your MOD's page, for example General info, Additional screenshots etc.

Attention! Only the team leader can manage the page of your MOD.

You can find in-depth information on managing the MOD page here: MOD page administration.

How to create/register/edit articles on SDK or MODs?

Adding new material

Please make sure that there's not similar article in our database. This can easily be done with the Go and Search functions. If there are no pages found, click on the link "Create page".


Put the pieces of the code mentioned within these tags <pre>...</pre>.


how to write how it looks
<pre> function begin {} </pre>
 function begin {} 

Put the names of the files (but not the whole paths) into the square brackets.


how to write how it looks
[[actor.ltx]] actor.ltx

If you used some other person's material in the article, specify that using the template{{ref}}.


how to write how it looks
{{ref|src=<<name of source>>|link=<<>>}} (src.)

Or add the section Links in the end of the article::


how to write how it looks


In the end of your article indicate the categories it is relevant to.


how to write how it looks






You can find in-depth information on arranging articles here: Preparing reference information on SDK and MODs.

MOD-makers code and copyrights

You can use game files to develop MODifications, if your actions are conformable with the license of the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R..

Using the work or parts of the work of the authors of other MODifications without the consent of the latter is unacceptable.

If you noticed a MOD that uses your work without your consent or permission, and you are able to prove that, please report to us on such occasions.

If you're using the work of the MODs of other authors, having received the corresponding approval, specify your co-authorship in the covering letter.


Preparing reference information on SDK and MODs

MediaWiki brief course

Editing note

MOD-making teams

MOD page administration

Preparing reference information on SDK and MODs

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